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Independent Doctors of Idaho was formed in early 2013 as a response to the unprecedented number of physicians in the Treasure Valley and throughout Idaho becoming employees of large hospital systems. [read more...]

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ABC News

The tragic story of Oliver Sacks's celibacy
Washington Post
When Oliver Sacks was 18, he faced a prospect most young people dread: a belated talk about the birds and the bees with his dad. “You don't seem to have many girlfriends,” Sacks wrote his father said in his memoir, “On the Move,” r...

Latinos Health

Suicide risk factors include depression, risky behaviors
Latinos Health
Do you know anyone who is feeling depressed or has been showing signs of possible risky behavior? If you do then you probably should make an effort in showing them support because according to a new large scale st...

ABC News

Mother delivers The Conjoined Twins In Colorado But Only One of Twin Can Be Alive
The Market Business
A woman from Minnesota delivered conjoined twins despite knowing that only one of the two girls will survive. Amber McCullough, a lawyer who also served as a captain for the Army Reserves f...

Health Industry News

(MedPage Today) -- First step: know your device
Posted: August 30, 2015, 8:00 pm
(MedPage Today) -- MRI lesions in the spine highly specific for spondyloarthritis
Posted: August 30, 2015, 7:00 pm
(MedPage Today) -- Recent information on drug shortages in rheumatology
Posted: August 30, 2015, 6:00 pm
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